Monday, 20 February 2017

Fifteen Minutes at a Time..

I will tell you, back in January when the physiotherapist said that it will be awhile before I'm sewing again, I was skeptical. Seriously, how long does a tailbone injury take to heal? Well, it seems it takes awhile. And it's quite painful. I miss sewing.  

The good news is that I've been given the go-ahead to try fifteen minutes of sewing at a time. It might take awhile to get something done but at least its something. It's still painful to sit and I'm working up to 15 minutes if I'm not on pain meds. I don't like take medications since it makes me drowsy and well that's not at all helpful when sewing. So what's a gal with a tailbone injury to do? Take it slow.  

I'm slowly tackling the new Marcy Tilton jacket, Vogue 9244. I actually cut it out weeks ago when the pattern arrived. Saint Anne, Patron saint of seamstresses seems to still be messing with me. As I cut out this pattern before checking out these cautionary reviews.

Over the past couple of days I worked up to step #7 to discover that something was not right. I thought it was my own error since I also discovered that I cut out pattern piece #2 out of the fashion fabric instead of interfacing. My bad. In my defence, I'm been functioning on pain meds. The width of the pocket (3) and pocket facing (4) does not match the width of the side front (5) as shown on the right. If I pin the sides together on both edges, as shown on the left, there is a noticeable pucker come from underneath of the upper pocket edge. ~sigh~

Not only doesn't this pucker match the sample jacket on the pattern envelope, it doesn't match the illustration in the instruction sheet. It wouldn't normally bother me this much if I weren't this sore, but it is just an added pain in the tailbone area as this will send me back to the drawing board to slash and spread the pocket and pocket facing and recut more fabric. Not to mention the 1.8 metre of Knit-N-Stable™tape that's now wasted on the pocket facings. 

Maybe sewing wasn't a good idea. I really don't have the energy and mindset for this and this it's not putting me in a happy mood. I fear Vogue 9244 is about to become an unfinished object (UFO) until I'm feeling better. Thankfully, there is enough left-over fabric to cut out new pockets and pocket facings.  

Happy Sewing!  

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