Tuesday, 18 October 2016

In Sewing News Today ...

Sometimes I feel like Dug the Dog when it comes to my sewing focus lately.  


Yup, SQUIRREL! Last night McCall's released their Winter / Holiday line. Have you seen it? There is a jacket that I'm all smitten over.  

Goodness knows that I'm crazy for a peplum and check out those beautiful pleats on the back peplum!  ~swoon~  It's beautiful. But I really don't need another jacket pattern. I recently picked up SBCC's peplum moto jacket pattern. 

And I haven't even cracked it open yet. And there is this Vogue pattern that has been in my collection for years now. 

OOP Vogue 8866

Another peplum jacket pattern that I haven't cracked open yet. 

And one more peplum jacket, Vogue 1517, that recently found it's home in my pattern collection. Help! I might have a problem when it comes to peplum jacket patterns.  

So, that is my question of the day: Do you have a collection of patterns that you just had to have when they came out and they're sitting in your collection collecting dust? Or is it just me?  

Happy Sewing!   


  1. I love, love, love that red jacket. Like you however I don't need another jacket right now.

    God bless.

    1. I'm going to justify making the moto style jacket with the phrase, "it will be perfect for work." I'm really struggling this year with what to wear in a classroom where there is a lot of kneeling and getting dirty.

  2. NO, you're not the only one with "had to have" patterns that are unused! I suspect every sewist that can afford it* (financially and space wise), has patterns purchased with grand plans that never get carried out. I have a couple hundred unsewn patterns, but have drastically cut down on purchases to only those that really have a high "how'd they do that" factor and no dresses unless they'd work for a top.

    *I primarily refer to U.S. sewists that have access to the pattern sales at Joann & Hobby Lobby. And I STILL miss "my" Hancock Fabrics! I guarantee that if I had to pay $15-$30 per pattern, my collection would not have gotten so out of hand.


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