Sunday, 2 October 2016


Sometimes I come across a bolt of fabric that makes me stop in my tracks, gasp, and it throws me off all those fall sewing plans.

That is what happened when I saw this fabric and then it went on sale and then I just couldn't resist. Yellow is one of my favourite colours but I figured that I would get more wear of the other colour combination.

The fabric has Tilton design written all over it, don't you think? It was what I envisioned when I first laid eyes on it and that is what I went with, kAtheRine Tilton's, Butterick 5891. This is a tried and true pattern that I first made about three years ago and is a favourite in my wardrobe. The only changes that I made to the design were to the sleeve length and the back.

I eliminated the back centre seam and shortened the sleeve length by three inches. My favourite part of this top are the buttons. I used four vintage buttons that originated from the 1960's and an old winter coat that belonged to Mama R.  

The fabric was pre-treated with a tumble through the washing machine and the dryer, followed by a pressing. It handled all of that well but boy did it ever shrink! I'm really glad I pre-treated this fabric.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:    2.10 metres 100% silk

Interfacing:   0.60 metres fusible

Pattern:  Butterick 5891

Buttons: 4 - 3/4" Recycled

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, button hole foot, scissors, clippers, pins, pin cushion, new needle for the sewing machine, needle for hand-stitching, threads for the sewing machine, serger and hand-stitching, seam ripper, coffee, no tunes this time but there was coffee.  

Happy Sewing!  



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