Saturday, 1 October 2016

Charity Sewing...

I'm planning my Lenten charity sewing project. This year I plan to start early, very early. It's usually too busy in the spring and allergy season returns, so I'm going to spread the work out. I'll be sewing more chemo caps but I'm switching patterns and fabric.  And hopefully, by the end of Lent I will have 40 chemo caps to donate without feeling stressed about doing them in 40 days. Sometimes I underestimate how long it takes me to finish projects.   

I picked up McCall's 4116 when it recently went on sale because check out version G (on the bottom left corner.) I can sew that in silk noir or handkerchief linen! I have several colours of silk noir in my fabric stash and there is currently some beautiful handkerchief linen on sale for 70% off but it is not in my budget right now. My fingers are crossed that it will still be on sale in a couple of weeks. I think chemo caps in these fabrics will be appreciated when the hot weather returns.  

I'm excited to try out this pattern on woven fabrics. Good quality knits are hard to come by these days and they rarely seem to go on sale anymore. But I do have some nice cottons and wouldn't mind giving version D (top right corner) a try as well. 

We'll, see how they turn out. This year's chemo caps will be in memory of my god-mother and uncle who both passed away of cancer. Do you do any charity sewing? I'd love to hear about it and what patterns you use.   

Happy Sewing!  

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