Monday, 4 July 2016

A House Dress?

Hello lovely sewing people!

How are you? I'm officially laid off from work. It is with mixed feelings that I have some time to be in the sewing workspace. Absolute joy to be sewing again mixed with the normal stress over being laid-off. Oh well, it is what it is, and I'll just have to make the best of it.  So, I'm sewing.

Mama R requested another "housedress" a few months ago. So this project became a priority now that I have some free time. Just one problem, I think it is too nice to be a "housedress."

Webster defines a housedress as "a dress with simple lines that is suitable for housework and is made usually of washable fabric."

Housedress {Source}
I don't see this latest dress for Mama R as a housedress. Yes, it is made out of a washable fabric but I wouldn't call it a garment with simple lines. The pattern is Mama R's favourite, Simplicity 2372, with those beautiful tucks at the sleeve and neckline that give it a lovely shape. And there is nothing simple about the lined pockets on this dress.

Show me a housedress that has lined pockets. The pattern had the usual adjustments and design changes done. 

  • Remove the centre front seam and cut on the fold.
  • Insert an invisible zipper in the back.
  • Sleeve adjustment to the length and sizing.  
  • Patch pocket, this time I lined the pocket.  
  • Shorten the hem length.
So, I failed on making Mama R a housedress but I think I made a fine looking dress. And check out those pockets.

The fabric is a medium-weight 100% cotton that I found in Fabricland's home decor department. It has been at the store for years while I admired it and patiently waited for it to come down in price. And the day finally came that I brought home enough to make myself a dress. When Mama R admired it, how could I say no. So I went back to the store and pick up some more yardage. You didn't expect me to give up my yardage, did you? Who knows, there might be a Mom & Me photoshoot in the near future. Just kidding.  

Back to the fabric... this exclusive Fabricland print was pre-treated with a tumble in the washing machine followed by one in the dryer. The cotton required a pressing prior to cutting and I have to say, this fabric handled the pretreatment process wonderfully.  

The Stats:

Fabric:    2.2 metres 100% medium weight cotton

Zipper:    22" invisible zipper

Basting Tape:  44" two-sided basting tape

Interfacing:  0.10 metres

Lining:     0.20 metres

Pattern:    Simplicity 2372

Thread:    100% polyester

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Janome sewing machine, blind hem foot, invisible zipper foot, zipper foot, serger, scissors, iron, ironing board, measuring tape, tailor's ham, pins, wrist pin cushion, breaks, coffee, and tunes.

Now, I still have to make Mama a housedress.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I don't know how you handle that stress every year but it must be nice to have a lot of free sewing time.

    1. It feels like sewing is what I do in the summer when I'm not sending out resumes. And yeah, it would be nice not to have the stress cloud hanging over my head every summer.

  2. Blergh. Lay offs are totally gift/curse. Yay! Sewing! Booooo! Stress. Best wishes.

    And mama's dressess are fabulous.

    1. Thanks, I'm so pleased with this version, I think it is my favourite. I've wanted to try lined patch pockets ever since I saw lined pockets on a vintage designer jacket. I think I'm going to use lining in all my pockets.


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