Thursday, 7 July 2016

Working On a Plan

Do people wear slips anymore?

You see if you were to scan the retail landscape, you might come to the conclusion that slips have become obsolete. According to a co-worker, slips are what Grandmas wear and have gone out of style with dinosaurs and panty-hose. But then again these words of wisdom are from a younger generation of people who wear leggings like they're pants. Kids, they say the darnest things. 

Thankfully, sewing pattern companies do not share this "youthful wisdom" and we can still find slip patterns out there even when it is hard to find the perfect fitting slip in the retail landscape. 

I decided to give Burda Style 6964 a try. This slip is for Mama R and it is only a coincidence that Mama R also happens to be a grandma. I've made her two successful slip with an OOP Simplicity pattern but I thought with the fabric I found, I would give the Burda pattern a try. It is not working out as well as I hope it would.

I cut the neckline and armhole as a size 14 and then graded up a few sizes to give Mama R the amount of ease she likes around her mid-section. The body of the slip is perfect, the neckline sits quite low and I made an error with the finish along the neckline.

The pattern called for fold over elastic and I pick some up while at the fabric store. It didn't match the fabric and when I was at the table to get it cut I was shown another option that matched my fabric sample. So I bought that instead.

My mistake was turning it into bias tape. It's way too heavy as bias tape for the slip. What I should have done was cut it in half lengthwise and then just folded it. Oh well, chalk this up to I now know better for next time. And I'm not so keen on the narrow straps. Oh and did I mention that it seems a little wide? So it is sitting on the dress form as I try to figure out how I'm going to save this project. I think I'll need to sleep on it and find that roll of fusible interfacing. I'm working on a plan to fix this and hopefully come up with a wearable slip for Mama R.    

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I feel you on slips. They are hard to find. I just made one last week. I used my dress pattern and just lowered the neckline and the armholes. My daughter doesn't wear slips, I just bought her some slipshorts by JOckey at QVC. So she can wear dresses to school. I did the exact same thing the first time I used fold over elastic. Now I got the hang of it, I love it. Happy sewing!

  2. I wear slips (well, half-slips in the summer) otherwise my skirts stick to my tights.Or I'll wear pettipants, which are like loose shorts made out of Bemberg lining so I can ride my bike and not flash my knickers.
    I'll have to look up slipshorts (above); they look intruiging.

  3. I wear slips under a lot of dresses but I'm almost 39 so maybe I'm in the "older generation" bubble now. I sew with a lot of silk and I don't need people seeing my underwear through my clothes :) my favourite slip pattern is the Gertie Butterick one, I've made tons of those

  4. I love slips and camisoles, especially the vintage silk and lace styles. Years ago, I could find them at thrift stores. I love sleeping in the fancy ones--what a treat. So hard to find any style of slip in a store--rarely online. Haven't made any yet but it's on my 'one of these days' list. Lol.

  5. I like slips! They let dresses hang sooooo much better. My favorites are KS 1066....but next time I'm going to use regular straps instead of ones made from elastic. Pics here: I also love the Valentine Slip...It's so gorgeous! I wear that particular one as a nightie...

    By the way, I'm 38...and I don't know anyone else who wears slips (well, maybe my mom...occasionally...and if she has to!). I work in a conservative office and I usually have hose on too. In some dresses, the hose just cling to the dress and it's a horrible look. Slips solve that problem...and they generally just let dresses hang much more nicely.


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