Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Wrap Dress

Are you joining MBV's wrap dress sew-along?  

Vogue patterns has been asked many times when they would consider re-issusing the highly-desired DVF dress that first appeared back in nineteen seventy-six.  

I love this pattern and you can count me in with the many that could love to make this dress. Vogue has stated that because of licensing agreements, designer patterns can not be re-issued after their original run. Sadly but there are times when this gem will appear online for sale. Right now an uncut version can be found over at Etsy.   

70s VOGUE WRAP DRESS Pattern Sexy Maxi Dress Diane von Furstenberg American Designer Vogue 1548 Bust 34 UNCuT Vintage Womens Sewing Patterns

$205.00 USD

I can say that I would not be picking it up at this price! This pattern seems to be reserved for one of those serious collectors of vintage patterns that would probably store it away in a safety deposit box. with a secured armed guard. Could you imagine cutting into this pattern after paying that kind of coin? Eeeks!  

What I do love about this pattern is that middle photograph on the pattern envelope. The model is wearing it back-to-front. I love the way it looks!

It is unlike any of the wrap dress patterns that MBV have in their current collection. All of the wrap dress patterns in their current collections have darts or pleating in the bodice front and back unlike this bodice. There are no darts or pleats. Here is the pattern description from the DVF dress pattern
1548 Misses' Dress FOR STRETCHABLE KNITS ONLY  Wrapped dress (can be worn forward or backwards) with fitted bodice and flared skirt, 3 inches (7.5 cm) below mid-knee or evening length, has full-length sleeves, pockets in side seams and attached tie ends that wrap and tie at waistline.   
For my wrap dress sew-along I going to use Vogue 8896 which I have previously made. I'm going to redraft the bodice front to be a fitted bodice by removing the gathering and pleating. That's the plan. 

The back is perfect with no darts to remove.  Fingers are crossed that I end up with my DVF knock-off.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Replies
    1. I'm looking forward to the sew-along!

  2. I prefer current patterns and am not tempted in the least by vintage patterns. The DVF style is cute, but I think there are a lot of very similar ones in the pattern books right now. I can see though that for a serious vintage pattern collector, 205 would be a bargain.

    Glad I'm not into vintage!


  3. Vintage is awesome! To me the patterns are super simple to sew and fit so much better.


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