Sunday, 4 May 2014

In Sewing News Today...

Do you remember the spring coat that I made last year? The one that took forever to sew with all those bound seams and mind-bending shoulder pleats. 

I wore that coat on Friday while I was out and about when a woman stopped me. She was a complete stranger.  

"I want to tell you that's a fabulous coat," she said.  

That has never happened to me before. It took me off-guard as I thanked her. And as quickly as she stopped to speak to me, she disappeared into the crowd of mall shoppers. With the short exchange of words, she totally made my day with her compliment.  

Now before you think I was at the mall falling off the RTW Faster band-wagon, I wasn't. I didn't even look at ready-to-wear clothing. I actually stopped at the mall to see if the bookstore had the latest issue (June/July) of the Vogue Pattern magazine. 

My disappointment that it still is not available in stores was fixed with a charity book sale in the mall. There I found two sewing books to fill the void, Slacks Fitting Book by Nancy Zieman and Designer Techniques Couture Tips for Home Sewing by Kenneth D. King.

I'm thrilled to have these in my sewing library. I picked them up for a song and they are in perfect condition. As matter of fact, the Slacks Fitting Book even comes with an uncut pattern. It was a great start to the weekend.

Sewing-wise I'm sticking to my Me-Made-May challenge to sew items for other people with a vintage dress pattern for Mama R. This pattern, Style 4666, is from Mama R's pattern stash, circa 1974. I love the curved darts in the front. If it turns out, I might enter it in the vintage contest over at Pattern Review. It is in the pattern alteration and cutting stage at the moment.

I did stop off at the fabric store in search of lining fabric for the white printed and embroidered linen wrap dress that I want to make in this fabric.

There was supposed to be a 40% off sale. The sale did not include lining fabrics. And I can't believe the price of lining fabric so I picked up a white lightweight satin instead. Much easier on the wallet. I tell you the sacrifices you have to make by picking up a gorgeous satin fabric for lining.

My sewing machine is taking a bit of a break as I have found it difficult to put this book down. Yup, Mama R's dress should be half way done but this is a really interesting book.

And yes, The Kite Runner is also on the back-burner right now.

Well, that is all in sewing news today. Happy Sewing!


  1. Isn't it cool to get a compliment from a random stranger! I try to do that when I see someone wearing something that needs a compliment. I know it makes my day.

    I have found that when I had the Vogue Patterns subscription that it would be in Joann's at least a week before I would get mine in the mail. Of course, I'm sure it is because my mail carrier had to read it first.

    Please tell us more about these books. I'm on a book diet and need to hear about them from others.

    1. The compliment totally took me by surprise, first time that ever happened. It did make my day especially since it was a me-made item, that was what made it extra special.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when someone notices your work?!!!! It's such a lovely piece and deserves to be noticed...a lot!
    Tell us more about that book. Looks fascinating. I'm looking for a good read.

    1. Thank you. I don't believe that I made anything else that I had put more work into than that spring coat. I think I'm proud of it because I didn't give up with that darn fabric was fraying, thank goodness for all those bound seams!


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