Sunday, 17 February 2013

In Sewing News Today...

I'm feeling a wee bit guilty today. 

I stepped into a fabric store yesterday. Heck, who am I kidding, I just blew my New Year's Sewing Resolution to bits. 

I was feeling blue and tired of all the criticism in my personal life. Gawd, I miss living on my own. But I digress... 

In need of a quiet space and something, anything to make me feel even a little bit happy, I found myself in the parking lot of Fabricland. Oh yes, good old fashion retail therapy. 

I killed an hour and a half in there because I didn't want to go home. I had to finally leave because the store was closing. 

Did it help? Yes, for a little while. I did feel a wee bit happier than when I came into the store. I have to tell you that there is nothing more beautiful than a fabric store filling up with beautiful spring colours when it is cold and grey outside. I didn't purchase anything from the new selection even though there were some brightly coloured sateen prints that caught my eye. It is lovely to see yellow and greens again. They are still on display because I didn't want to dish out for a Fabricland membership to get the weekend's 50% off on new spring fashions. A membership has proven dangerous to my budget in the past.   

Instead, I found some neutrals further reduced down to 70% off. They were hiding in the bargain centre were you can still find deals without a Fabricland membership. I picked up 4 metres of a light green coloured cotton and linen blend. The plan is to use it for the Marcy Tilton dress pattern that is in transit, Vogue 8876. And I picked up a taupe coloured stretch cotton. The plan is to eventually make a pair of pants that fit. Even though I would love to give a new pant pattern a try, Vogue 1325 didn't make it home with me. Maybe I'll save that splurge for the next time I'm feeling blue.  




  1. Oh, I know this experience! Fabric and sad moods go together like being dumped and icecream for others, hand in hand. I hope you feel better about things soon, and in the meantime, imagine all the pretty things you can make, and the coming sunshine!

  2. Sorry about your personal strife but a visit to Fabricland always makes me feel better. I haven't been there in two months..first a vacation and then the flu bug got me and I am still not feeling that great. But I do want to get some spring fabric so must make an effort to get there soon.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Don't feel guilty, you a great bargain and a plan to use it already, so it won't add to the stash ...

  4. Don't feel guilty at all! You've got plans for the fabric, and it made you feel better when you were sad. It wasn't self destructing behavior or hurtful to anyone else, and you always make such beautiful neutral garments! I say smile about it and sew on :)


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