Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Holy Moly!

I'm sewing altar linens, I thought the title works. I've been busy cutting, pressing and sewing 100% linen this weekend.

I have to tell you that I did expect the linen to shrink after I washed it in the washing machine and threw it in the dryer for a tumble. But Holy Moly, I didn't expect it to shrink as much as it did!

In my naivety, I thought the shrinkage would occur in the length of the cloth, but it happened to the width as well. I know, what was I thinking. At the fabric store I estimated that I could cut four purificators out using the layout of the short edge of the purificator along the selvage of the fabric. That was my estimate in the store. I was thinking that I would be able to fit more throughout the length of the cloth. But it is not working out that way, sigh. Instead, laying out my sample piece the other way and I manage to cut six from one width. I'm still getting a good yield from the cloth. I'm just surprised with how much the fabric shrunk.

Sew far, they are coming along nicely. They are not all perfect, just like the sewist. I can say that I'm trying my best. Twelve were completely finished this weekend. And I did manage to cut a whole stack ready to press. Ah pressing, you are my lenten penance this year. A necessary step none-the-less. There are some interesting tips for pressing linen. Have you ever heard of putting your fabric in the freezer before pressing? I wonder what might happen if you forgot about it, freezer burn? But I digress... I found some great tips for pressing linen.

The sewing part I love. Nice small seams that allow me to get up and stretch every now and then. I figure if I shoot for three a day, I can have these finished by Easter.

Happy Sewing!

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