Saturday, 9 February 2013

In Sewing News Today...

I'm working on the McCall's 9264 dress. I'm not feeling a great love for this project. It is at great risk of becoming an unfinished object (UFO). I think it is my fabric choice and that I am stumped at how I will install an invisible zipper with a lined bodice.

My biggest issue is the slippery-ness of the fabric. Why oh why did I chose this fabric for a project that has nine darts? This will go down as one of the world's greatest mysteries. 

The first time I made this dress, back in the day, I made it in a light weight wool. I didn't have half as much drama with the darts.  

The darts are done and I am pleased with how it looks but I'm no where finished. I had to do the whole production over again using lining fabric. Yes, more slippery fabric! 

Sew, where I am now? I'm stitching the lining to the bodice. That is going more smoothly using my walking foot. Gawd, I love that attachment! Now I'm dreading the zipper installation. I really want an invisible zipper and I'm just trying to wrap my brain around how I'm going to get it done. I think I will have to skip sewing the side seams first... This might take coffee and more thought.   

I also have to tackle Simplicity 7478 again. Mama R recently tried it on to point out all the flaws in her new dress.  
  1. The length is too long. And yes, I did pin it up when she was trying it on.  
  2. The pockets are too low.  Again, I did pin those on while she was trying it on.  
  3. The neckline is too wide at the shoulder seams and too low in the back. Awww, the classic complaint.  
And then there is the fabric. Mama R also does not have a great love for her fabric choice. I'm going to agree with her on that one.  

Now that I know what needs to change, I'm going to fix the pattern to Mama R's specifications and cut it out of a navy sateen fabric. Oh, I can't wait to run my hands along a 100% cotton fabric. The thought of it almost makes me squeal with delight. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! You'll never believe what happened. I walked into Mitchell Fabrics yesterday and walked out with no fabric for my stash. Seriously. Actually, I went there in search of white natural fibre fabric. It is another project for the church. I found a beautiful 100% linen that perfectly matched the sample they gave me. But I didn't have the funds to pick up the amount of fabric that was needed. Someone will have to go back for it. But I actually walked out with no fabric. I wasn't even tempted. I was focussed on the job at hand. Seriously, I don't recognize myself sometimes.    

Well, I'm off to make the cup of coffee and try to conquer McCall's 9264.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Ah, sewing for others- it's just so much fun...but you earn a special place in heaven for it- and for 9 darts!

  2. Go the coffee and a deep breath!


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