Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Sewing Machine!

Okay, not brand spanking new. More like vintage, built-like-a-tank, and can't-believe-it-works new sewing machine!  

I'm so thrilled to have this one, it needs a little tender lovin' care and a new sewing machine needle but other than that, it's perfect. 

It came with attachments, extra bobbins, and working light bulbs. Bonus!   

The buttonhole feature is what has me over-the-moon excited because I can make it any length of buttonhole that I want, squeal!  

I have a button that I've wanted to put on the cream coloured jacket I made a few years ago. I couldn't because the automatic buttonhole foot for my Janome machines wasn't able to accommodate the size of the button. I have some big plans for this machine. 

It almost makes me forget how I got a 30% discount on it as well.  

The clerk at the cash asked if I were a senior because it was senior's day. 

Sarcastically, I answered, "yes" thinking that I would be asked for identification. And then an apology would occur. But I wasn't asked for identification. [insert moment of shock denial.] If I weren't so excited about the sewing machine, I would have been horrified. Today was the first time that someone had questioned if I was older than I actually am. And it was the second time today. This morning someone asked if I were retired while waiting for my car. Not exactly a great day for the ego. Maybe I need to start wearing make-up when I go out in the public sphere? Thankfully, it was a much better day for sewing machine shopping.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. That is a nice looking machine. I didn't know there was a place in town that sold used sewing machines.
    And good and bad news about the discount. Funny, when I wear makeup people always think I am older than when I don't. I wonder what it is about that.

    1. I found it at one of the Value Village locations. Can you believe it? Usually they get machine but there's something not working or missing. I really lucked out.

  2. I love your new machine! Except for my serger, all I have are vintage (7 of them).

    1. Wow, I have to admit that I've been spoiled with my new-ish machine with its automatic threading system that I forget how to thread one of these vintage machine. Which is kinda of strange because it is just like one I learned how to sew on. Thank goodness for finding instructions on google!


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