Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring Cleaning

I've been on a bit of a purge lately. Or I guess you can say, I've been doing some serious spring cleaning. Big on my list is my wardrobe.

Fashion Revolution and Earth Day are around the corner and the type of fabric that's lurking in my wardrobe also has me re-thinking what I sew. If I'm going to invest time sewing my own wardrobe I want natural fibres, I always have. It is what I swoon over and feel most comfortable in. So, that has been another guiding factor--no more pill-prone fabrics. And get rid of the ill-fitting stuff.  

Now that the seasons are changing it's time to pack away the winter coats and dig out the spring attire. I am so pleased with how well the Marcy Tilton coats, Vogue 8934, held up when the winter weather put them to the test. These items are a keeper.

As I was putting away the winter coats I came across a vintage jacket, circa 1940/50's. I've only worn it once since picking it up a couple of years ago and it wasn't this past winter. The real value of this jacket came in those priceless vintage details that I borrowed and made part of my Vogue 8934 winter coats.

The jacket made from real lambswool is quite heavy but I don't want to completely say goodbye to it. Instead, I'm would like to up-cycle the fabric into a muff, OOP Vogue 9963 for next winter's wear. I always wanted a muff. And it would be fun to take a peak inside the construction. I'll have to take pictures and share the details when the time comes.

Now that my wardrobe is not dictated by recess duties I can say good-bye to this one as well. I only picked this ready-to-wear down-filled coat for the job that required hours of outdoors time each week. It was not at all flattering on but it was warm as roaring bonfire and it served it's purpose at the time. I won't miss wearing this one because of the memories (I was wearing this when I injured myself) but maybe it can keep someone else warm next winter.

2.  The underwear drawer was packed with knickers that didn't make the rotation since I gained some weight and goodness only knows why I was packing them away. With a perfect go-to panties pattern, Simplicity 8229, it was time to declutter that drawer.  

3.  This blue outfit was a favourite because it was so comfortable to wear. I haven't worn it since the beginning of the school year when a student threw up all over this outfit. Not one of my fondest memories that this outfit tends to bring up. (Pun not intended.) Even though it has been cleaned and looks perfectly fine I haven't been able to stomach putting it back on. Time to pack this one up.

And there are other pieces of clothing that have been in my closet that I don't like (pink for specific colour days) or have been ruined at work. I kept them in rotation just because of the nature of the job. Those will also be finding a new home.

4.  And shoes, oh goodness. I really need to re-think the footwear that can make or break my back, not to mention my knees. I packed up my Browns clogs and sent them on their way to the charity shop. That hurt, I like those clogs but I like my health more.  There might be others that see the same fate.

So, there you have it, the reason why the sewing has slowed down around here.  I'm just reassessing my wardrobe needs and wants. I hope to be back sewing soon. I need some interview worthy tops and I have a Fashion Revolution project that I want to wear to the March for Science.

How about you, do you wardrobe edit from time-to-time?

Happy Sewing!

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