Monday, 17 April 2017

Reclaiming My Sewing Mojo

My sewing mojo has really taken a hit during these recent months. Nothing like an injury to make one lose their appetite for food and sewing. My appetite for food is back but I still need to reclaim my sewing mojo.  

I've tried rearranging my workspace.  

And I've even tried a bit of sewing on this vintage skirt pattern. But I'm just not feeling the love for this project right now. Maybe it's the mystery fabric I'm working with or perhaps the chocolate brown colour that I don't find all that inspiring. Or perhaps it is the fear of sewing a regular old zipper installation after years of sewing invisible zippers. Am I out of practice?  

Or maybe it is that bin of cut and unfinished projects waiting to be chosen as the next project?  

Maybe... I need something completely different to reclaim my sewing mojo?  

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