Sunday, 23 April 2017

Kitschy Home Decor Dress

This is my kitschy home decor dress made with Vogue 9237. Don't you think that this print just screams spring?

I found this 100% cotton fabric at the home decor department at Fabricland. It is a medium weight cotton. I have to admit that I do enjoy shopping in the home decor department. On several occasions I have found lovely cottons and silks that I've used to make clothing. This medium weight cotton is no exception. Yes, I do like the Parisian look with it's upscale simplicity but I also get a kick out of a kitschy look now and then. A pair of espadrilles and I'll be ready to go once the weather warms up. The fabric was pretreated with a tumble through the washing machine and dryer and a steam pressing before I got to work cutting out Vogue 9237.  

It is my first time working on this pattern so I basically cut it out of the envelope except for adding three inches to the length. The back button and loop was replaced with an eight inch invisible zipper and it was after I sewed the shoulder seams I realized that the neckline was not for me.  

If I didn't already install the zipper I would have widened the neckline all around. The 1 1/2" lowered in the front worked but if I were to make another one would like to add an longer zipper. Maybe it's the back injury but I find this fitted at the bust area and think it might be easier to get out of if the opening had a more generous opening. 

The dress is cut as a medium (12-14). I would agree with the "loose-fitting" description only in the lower half of this design, across the bust and the sleeves I wouldn't consider it loose-fitting at all. 

I'm out of practice sewing set in sleeves and had to go back and smooth over a few spots. Thankfully, it worked out in the end because I really like these sleeves. I wish I cut a size small at the armhole though but that is just a minor complaint.  

Love the pockets on this dress! It has side seam pockets and they are the perfect shape. So happy with those pockets and the gathers in the back, swoon. Those gathers are the reason I picked up this pattern. I'm glad I did.   

The Stats:

Fabric:  2.5 metres 100% cotton

Zipper:  8" (20 cm) invisible zipper

Bias tape:  1.3 metres of single fold tape

Basting Tape:  21" length double sided tape

Pattern:  Vogue 9237

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Iron, ironing board, cutting table, pins, sewing machine, invisible zipper foot, regular zipper foot, serger, threads, tailor's ham, tailor's sleeve, scissors, thread clippers, seam ripper, vary form curve ruler, sewing gauge, coffee, good tunes, breaks to stretch and do physio exercises, breaks to stand up and walk around, breaks to eat biscotti cookies and warm up coffee.  Yes, lots of breaks!  

Happy Sewing!


  1. I just made a very similar style dress in the red/orange colorway of that same fabric.
    I love it and yours too!

    1. Thanks! I didn't realize that this print came in other colours, I would have loved it in red/orange.


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