Saturday, 8 November 2014

In Sewing News Today...

Laundry day does not typically hold a great deal of excitement but today it did. Do you remember the dress pj's that I made earlier this week? Well, I wore it a couple of evenings this week and slept comfortably in it and then it ended up in the wash. And HALLELUJAH!, it shrunk. I don't believe I have ever been this excited about something shrinking.

It now fits comfortably as a dress! I think Athena, Greek goddess of Arts and Crafts, was smiling laughing and took pity at all the sewing bloopers I've made this year. Yup, Athena's sense of humour was a play here.

I don't have to touch it at all. It shrank perfectly. The pockets are now sitting at the perfect height. The hemline is shortened but still at a midi length. It is crazy, in a good way, how it turned out. And I could have sworn that I pre-shrunk this fabric. I guess not?

So be fore-warned, McCall's 6600 is a very loose style. Perfect for pjs or a dress. The plan is to wear it as a dress now and embrace the prairie gal look now that the temperatures and hovering below the zero mark.  

This week I found a void in my wardrobe. I need sweaters, turtle neck sweaters. Now if it weren't for this RTW fast, I would have run out to the store and picked up a sweater by now. But instead I shopped for patterns and I have two that I would like to try. First is this, Burda 6990, pattern (shown above) and there is also Vogue 8939 that might also work. 

I'm going to test out the Burda pattern tomorrow on some orange knit fabric before I cut into fabric pictured above.  I just want to make certain what pattern will work best. Right now, I'm preshrinking the heck out of the orange and taupe patterned fabric since it is a rayon and spandex blend. I typically run the other way when I see rayon listed on the label but I fell for the print. When I decide on which pattern to cut this fabric and make the top it will go well under this dress/jumper.     

And I finally got my hands on Marcy Tilton's latest skirt pattern that I would like to make with this jacquard knit fabric. One more sewing day tomorrow and I'll have a day off from work on Tuesday so hopefully, I'll be able to fit these projects in this week.  

Well, that's all in sewing news today... 

Happy Sewing!    

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