Tuesday, 16 September 2014

In Sewing News Today...

I've lost my sewing mojo.

There is so many projects that I want to make that I haven't gotten around to because there is something else that always seems to get in the way of things that I want to sew. 

Maybe I lost my sewing mojo in all that factory-style sewing that I did this weekend?  

It is already half way through September and I haven't had a chance to start that Chanel-esque style jacket that I've been dreaming about since the beginning of the year. I have the pattern and the fabric picked out for months. I even planned on working on it during my annual summer lay-off but there is always something that pops up that "needs" to be done.  

Maybe I lost my sewing mojo in all that sewing for other people?  

And that quilt! That damn quilt that has been sitting around for years waiting to be finished. I'm at the point that I just want to throw it away just so I don't have to look it it sitting there unfinished. 

Maybe I lost my sewing mojo in all those unfinished sewing projects?   

Did I mention I'm trying to lose weight? The big plan this summer was to lose some pounds but that didn't happen. I gained a few. And now I'm less than one BMI point from being considered obese. Which freaks me out. At my age I don't care about being skinny. I was skinny once, not all that it is cracked up to be. I just want to be a healthy weight. And I won't mind keeping some of these curves. But I'm also tired of sewing for my near-obese body shape. 

Maybe I lost my sewing mojo in all those extra pounds I've been packing on?  

I don't know exactly where I lost my sewing mojo. I just know that it is gone. 

And what am I going to do about it. I'm going to stop reading books for others on my own time. No more reading kid's lit on my personal time. I'm going to start going for walks after super. I'm going to pick up The Pink Suit again and finish it. I'm going to relish in all those glorious details as Kate works on the wife's suit. Can you believe that I had this book since May and am only on page thirty-four! And after I finish The Pink Suit I am going to pick up The Lost Art of Dress. Yup, I need some serious me-time to spark those creative juices. 

And then I hope my sewing mojo will return.

How is your sewing mojo holding up?


  1. Hate when my sewjo leaves :/ I like your plan to get some other things done.

    Mine is waning but that's because I know I don't like "having" to get things done on a schedule.

  2. I'm getting a little creative energy back as the season changes- I had to give up stash busting and buy fabric- it was starting to feel like closet cleaning chores- not a creative outlet!


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