Tuesday, 6 May 2014


It finally made it onto the bookstore shelves!

And I picked up a copy after work. I'm thrilled that folks at Vogue interviewed and wrote an article on historian Professor Linda Przybyszewski. I first heard about her when CBS ran a story on a course she was teaching at Norte Dame. She's an astute observer of changing trends. She has a new book, The Lost Art of Dress that came out late last month. How did I miss this? No worries since I have a few books on the go right now.  

I mentioned that I'm reading The Coat Route and some folks have asked about the book. I'm not yet finished it but I promise to write a book review when I'm done. I will tell you that Tim Gunn gave it a glowing review on the back cover, "[t]his book educates and inspires. I couldn't put it down!" I have to agree, it is a tough book to put down. It is about the creation of a "bespoke" coat and how it came to be. I don't want to say too much just yet because my opinion this far might be premature. So far it is full of details that I just want to re-read to make sure I didn't miss anything. At this point in the book, I'm quite enjoying the read.

Too much I think. You see, Mama R's dress, Style 4666, is sitting on the dress form waiting for facings and sleeves and instead I want to save some time this evening for a few more pages of The Coat Route. My bad. I hope to have the dress finished by the end of the week.  

Well, on that note, good evening and Happy Sewing!


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