Sunday, 22 December 2013

Going Casual During a Dress-up Holiday

Update:  Wishing all my easterner friends and family a safe Christmas. There has been a snow storm with freezing rain that has knocked out power to thousands of homes. Even though I jest in this post, my thoughts and heart are with you guys. Stay safe and sending well wishes.  

Thank you for all the lovely get well wishes. Your kind words were a real boost and I'm on the mend and actually starting to think dreaming about finishing off some projects. Not quite there yet.

Instead, I've been catching up on my reading since I'm laid up and I have finished reading the December 7th, 2013 Globe and Mail article Relax during the holidays with five cozy but chic looks. It is a look at dressing up casual for the holidays.

Let's face the windchill at this time of year, it is darn chilly out there. And the thought of donning a frock this time of year is only realistic if you're snapping a photo of the latest sewing make to be worn in much warmer temperatures down the road. Or perhaps with your leggings ski pants. 

For me, the article lost all credibility when a Torontonian spoke about the connection to holiday dressing in the Canadian winter climate, "I want to be that little bit more comfortable, so, instead of a dress, I might wear heels and sweatpants" (Verner). Say what! And the photos that accompanied the article were of outfits styled with cropped pant legs and bare ankles.  

No wonder there is a great divide between the east and west. Silly easterners. I feel I can say that since I was once a silly easterner with a shoe fetish. Gawd, how times have changed.  

or Sorrels? 
For one, I would never equate comfortable with wearing heels. Especially as I'm recovering from a knee arthroscopy. Oh my foolish younger self. (This must be the Tylenol 3's talking?) I would much rather wear a frock and stylish sorrels this holiday season if my foot weren't so swollen and I could squeeze it into a pair of sorrels. But that is a whole other story.  

This holiday season I'm embracing the cas-holiday look minus the j-crewesque "restrained ornamentation" (hold the glitter!) and just rock the flannel pj look. I don't think it would be too much and I know I will be cozy. 

Happy Holidays!  




  1. You could always take a glue gun to your Sorels and bling them up with some rhinestones. Oh yes, I am kidding. Wouldn't it be funny? Hmm. I have a pair that I don't wear since I moved back to BC, maybe if I get bored this winter. If I do, I promise to post photos.

  2. Ha! As a Minnesotan, I say, uhmm no. My Sorels make an appearance daily. It's just too cold and icy for "cute" shoes!

    1. No kidding! I hope you're keeping warm. Out here they are calling for a windchill of minus fifty tonight. I feel cold just thinking about it and I think my sorrels are only guaranteed up to minus forty. What do you wear for minus fifty wind chills?


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