Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In Sewing News Today...


There has been no sewing since finishing off the concert costumes Sunday night. Instead, I spent the evening cleaning up the workspace and machines. I'm not finished. There is a great deal more to put away and clean up when I come home from work. It will certainly be nice to get rid of all the clutter that ensued with that unexpected project. 

While I was cleaning, I started to wonder who I was kidding? You know, when I wrote about trying to start and finish a lined jacket for Mama R. Sometimes I can be such a dreamer. Foolish, silly dreamer.

I'm trying to get things ready, just eight more days and then I'll be forced to slow down. It will be the perfect time for some slow sewing.  


Yup, I said slow sewing. That actually should be my 2014 sewing resolution, slow sewing: take things slow, enjoy the process, pay attention to detail, do more hand sewing. Haha, I wonder how long that would last?

Well, since I'll be laid up for awhile I'm trying to gather up all the mending and hand sewing that I might feel up to doing. The plan is to keep it near by incase the sewing bug hits.  


I think I'll cut and throw in the pattern pieces that I'll need to baste with underlining too. Sooo, much to do. But first, I have got to warm up the car and get to work.

Happy Sewing!

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