Monday, 2 December 2013

Sewing Interrupted...

My sewing has been interrupted. Yes, right at the craziest time of the year!

I've been asked to serge the edges of stars for the school's Advent Concert. There will be eight stars in total. I don't mind serging them at all.

The big "pain" comes with changing the thread in my serger. I'm in the middle of sewing something in black thread which is currently on my serger. But I need to change the thread to gray spools to match the gray fabric. Even though my serger has been good to me over the years, it is a pain to change the threads. Sew...

Dear Santa,

If your reading my blog, all I want for Christmas is this:

I know it is quite extravagant when I have a serger in working condition. But this one has Jet-Air threading and an automatic thread delivery system. 

Please Santa.

P.S.  And a speedy recovery would be nice too.  



  1. I have to admit that I want one of these too. Every now and then I go to the local shop that carries these and get them to demonstrate it, and then I fondle it, and then I look at the price tag, and go home without it. It is on my lottery list, along with a Bernina 830. Hope Santa comes through for you.

    1. I doubt I'll be seeing one of these anytime soon. It is nice to dream now and then though.

  2. I hate changing the threads on my overlocker. I have just finished school production costumes and has to use two different colours of thread. Such a pain.

  3. Me too, changing the threads on the overlocker is up there with ironing.

  4. I have the model down from this one which is the eclipse with jet air threading and manual tension and I love it!! I love the jet air threading it makes changing threads a breeze and is sooooooo worth it. I've also had no problems whatsoever with this machine but it also has a 25 year warranty in case I do, I totally recommend it. I've heard a lot of sewers prefer the manual tension machines because you can achieve some interesting effects with changing the tension that aren't possible with the auto tension machines but I haven't tried any techniques, I just serge. I've barely ever had to change the tension and when I do it is super simple. A good choice for slightly less :)


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