Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The New Marlene Dietrich-style Pants: Burda 7122

Stash Busting 2013:  Project # 23

Update:  Ooops, sorry for the post minus the photo. I thought I would make it back home in time to add the photo before it was scheduled to appear on the blog. What can I say, it was a busy, busy day.

Fabric Used:                2.15 m Cotton Sateen

Pattern Used:             Burda 7122

Zipper Used:               55 cm zipper cut down to fit.

Basting Tape Used:  24 inches of basting tape.

I have finished the new Marlene Dietrich-style Pants. I like these wide-legged pant more than I thought I would even though they are not perfect.

The fabric is a cream coloured cotton stretch sateen that has been sitting in my stash for a few years now. Pants made in this fabric were the furthest thing from my mind when I picked up this fabric but I have to admit that I'm happy with this choice.

The pattern used for this project is Burda 7122. It has received well-deserved good reviews over at Pattern Review. I'm grateful for those reviews because I would have skipped over this pattern if I hadn't read them. I am in agreement that this is a great pattern, I love the design of the high waisted pants. It just needs pockets.

Not so great is my ability to find my size when it comes to pants. I did find that I had to take in to compensate for the generous amount of ease. I would likely make the next pair a size smaller, much smaller.

I took my measurements and compared it to the Burda size chart which convinced me that I was a size twenty. I don't know if I was shocked or disgusted but that is another post all together. I think I could have easily made these in a size fourteen.  As a size twenty pair of pants that have been taken in an inch and a half around the waist I still would have to wear a belt with these and the gathered fabric gives away the fact that these are too large. And the crotch is much too low but I'm hoping no one will notice. Shhhh...

The style is great, the sizing just needs a lot of work. Well, back to the drawing board quest for a great fitting pair of pants.

Happy Sewing!

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