Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 4: Me-Made-May

This Saturday was not a relaxing day at all. It was an early start to my day as I travelled to my local Costco store to get my winter tires removed. Two hours ahead of the store opening and can you believe that I wasn't the first in line! Three hours and a latte later I was on my way home. Just a quick stop at the fabric store to pick up a metre of ribbon.

I arrived home around one-thirty with horrible back pain. Which would explain why I left the fabric store with what I went in to get and nothing more. The pain meds I have, I didn't want to take when I was driving because they make me drowsy. Despite it being early afternoon and the sun was warming everything up outside, I changed into my pajamas and sat with a heating pad without taking any photographic proof of my outfit for

Jeans:               RTW, Jones Brand.    

Top:                 Marcy Tilton design, Vogue 8709. Fabric: olive green stretch cotton sateen. I hardly ever wear this top anymore. I love the first version I made in a 100% cotton. The one I wore today is a lighter weight fabric and doesn't seem to hold up as nicely. And then I used that cheap fusible interfacing that seems to reveal itself with puckering. Oh well, that was a lesson to avoid cheap interfacing but I don't have to heart to get rid of this top and besides it is a good running-errands shirt with great pockets.   

Jacket:             Navy RTW windbreaker.  

Footwear:        Black and grey Mephisto Allrounder.  

Eyewear:         DKNY and Ray Ban sunglasses.                             

Undies:            Bra and knickers, RTW.

Night (and Afternoon) wear:   RTW pajamas.  

Bathrobe:         Simplicity 7417.

Progress on the baby onsie:  I stopped at the fabric store and bought a metre length of ribbon.

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