Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 7: Me-Made-May

Oh my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous day! I don't recall seeing a cloud in the sky today. It is suppose to cool off tomorrow but today it feels like spring might actually be on it's way.

Well, here is what I wore for

Skirt:                Vintage Vogue 2885. Fabric:  pink striped 100% linen.     

Blouse:            Burda Style 7255. Fabric: floral print 100% cotton.  

Footwear:        Beige wedged-heeled shoes.

Eyewear:         DKNY eyeglasses and Vogue cat-eyed sunglasses

Accessories:    Knee braces, nicely hidden under my skirt. I love this skirt pattern for that reason.

Undies:           Bra and knickers, all RTW.

Nightgown:     I'm sure this was made with a Simplicity pattern that is lost somewhere in my pattern stash.  Maybe I'll find the pattern number before the end of Me-Made-May  

Bathrobe:        Simplicity 7417. Fabric: 100% cotton terry cloth.

Progress on the baby onesie:  leg bands are sewn and serged and one of the sleeve bands is pinned ready to sew. I know this will go down as one of the slowest sewing projects ever. Sewing fell to the side lines while I fight the start of a sore throat and cough with tea, honey and lemon. Sew many interruptions!

Happy Sewing!  

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