Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lessons from Me-Made-May...

I picked up a few lessons from Me-Made-May.

Vogue 1325
Besides failing at the Me-Made-May challenges that I set out to conquer. My me-made wardrobe is seriously lacking some trousers and jeans. Okay, maybe not jeans. I really could use a couple of pairs of pants though. It is the one item that I've been hesitant on sewing because I fear the fitting issues. Vogue 1325 is on my wish list for this challenge.

Vogue 8821
And there is also Vogue 8821 that has been in my pattern stash for some time that I also wouldn't mind to try. This pattern is for a straight legged pants with a back zipper.

The other garment that was lacking from my me-made rotation were undergarments. I made a pair of knickers but to be completely honest I only wore them once and they're not the most comfortable fit. I would like to give it another shot with a couple of Kwik Sew patterns that I picked up recently.

Well I have have to get busy on these items in the year ahead to get ready for next year's Me-Made-May festivities. Oh and brush up on my photography skills.  

Happy Sewing!

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