Thursday, 18 October 2012

Reasons Why I Sew: Reason # 4

Reason # 4:  For the love of my family.

Sewing for others is a tough gig and it is often a thankless job. But I will always sew for my family. I love them that much.

Even it it means sewing something that I'm just not into or in a fabric that you would never pick for myself because it is a going to be *gulp* a challenge.

I have two more family projects in queue, vests that I need to get working on for my nephews. Maybe this weekend (four days off!!!)? I was hoping to have a phone call from my nephew last weekend who I asked if he would like to help me cut it out. It didn't happen and that's okay. It was a long shot that a sixteen year old would want to hang out with their aunt.

I suspected that he was avoiding me because he expressed fear that he might ruin it. I tried to re-assure him that I would cut the pieces that had curves and that he could help me out by cutting the bigger pieces. Besides, there is lots of fabric to ruin cut. It didn't spark any excitement. Oh well, I tried.

My sewing mojo has been low these last few months because my back has been a pain in the... well, back. I need a sewing room assistant to cut out my sewing projects so that I can just happily sit at my sewing machine and sew away. In my dreams. Or at least a taller cutting table and a sewing home to call my own. Also in my dreams.

But a gal can dream, right?

Well, I should stop my day-dreaming and get to work. Folks I love are waiting for things to get done.  Sew, there you have Reason # 4 of Reasons Why I Sew.  


  1. A sore back - just no fun in that, is there! And a sewer with a sore back, well, a double whammy! Even without a sore back cutting out the fabric is my least favourite part...

  2. I'm with Judith, I HATE cutting out fabric, unfortunately one can't sew without it. You have to look into getting some of these to raise your cutting surface. I have them and they are wonderful.

  3. I can't decide if I hate ironing or cutting out fabric more. But cutting with a sore back is not fun. Thanks ElleC for the link for the bed risers. I did a quick search if they're available here but so far no luck... still searching because they look perfect.


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