Monday, 3 September 2012

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

I'll admit to being one of those who didn't clean my sewing machine as regularly as recommended by my sewing machine sales person.

Lint found in the feed dogs during my bad-girl years.  
Sadly, I had the lint to prove it. This would be my number one bad habit that I need to break if I want to stop spending the big bucks to get my machine cleaned and serviced.

The sewing class earlier this summer was encouraged to clean their sewing machines after each project. It is a recommendation all over the web too. But really, who does that?

Sometimes we're I'm just excited about getting on with the next project that the ritual of basic machine maintenance just falls to the side lines.

Sew, I thought we can take a photographic journey of my sewing machine maintenance how I changed my nasty ways.

Step 1:  Gathered the tools needed for the job, (clockwise) tweezers, lint brush, small screwdrivers.

I didn't require the tweezers this time but they do come in handy when trying to reach those hard to reach pieces of lint.

Step 2:  Turn off the sewing machine and unplug the cords.

Step 3:  Remove the bobbin cover and presser foot.

Step 4:  Remove the plate.
Step 5:  Remove the bobbin case.  

Step 6:  Look that, hidding under the bobbin case!  

 Step 7:  The ohhh and a-ha moment over the after each project rule.

Step 8:  Make sure to get those feed-dogs.
Step 9:  Close it up and get ready to sew.


  1. Replies
    1. lol. Yup, I would rather be sewing.

  2. I spent some time cleaning and oiling my machine the other day. I hadn't done it in...*cough* years. Yeash. I figured a new home and sewing space required a special treat for the poor old girl. I'm a horrible sewist. :D

    1. I hear you on this one, it is my number one bad habit that I would like to change.

  3. Yeah...I'm not great about cleaning/tuning up my machine either. Hopefully this post will inspire me :)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  4. I'm hoping that it will do the same for me too. ;)


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