Sunday, 9 September 2012

In Sewing News Today...

Not much sewing.

I haven't even cut out a thing for the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe contest. It is already September 9th and this is not how I hoped to start this project.

I have been busy with the normal September busy-ness plus I'm upgrading my computer skills. Yes, I'm cheating on my beloved Mac. I've discovered Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Hello Baby! Apparently, Microsoft is coming out with a new version next year, 2013. By the time I'm finished these courses my computer skills are going to be obsolete again. But I'm also excited to discover what new tricks 2013 will have in store.

Although, I am cheating on my beloved Mac during the week, I do come home at night to Mac. Right now, I should be studying and working on those Microsoft assignments but I'm getting my Mac fix as I type.

And my poor Janome is likely feeling neglected too. I miss sitting down with my sewing machine the most. I'm going to need a sewing fix soon.

I did manage to sneak into a fabric store this weekend while out running errands. I stopped in to pick up Simplicity 4762 for my nephew's vest. I can at least cross that off the list.

While I was in the store picking up the pattern this egg shell blue satin caught my eye. And it was sale. So I picked up 1.6 metres of this gorgeous fabric thinking that it would look lovely in McCall's 6606. It has long sleeves and conservative enough for work.

But boy, did I ever goof. I misread the pattern envelope not only was I reading the fabric requirements for Version A instead of Version B, I didn't notice that Version A had a contrasting fabric amount listed.

I didn't realize my error until I got home and started to look at the pattern envelope. And then I unfolded the pattern. Yikes! I was really tired and rushed on Saturday. That is my excuse.

I thought it was okay and that I would head back to the fabric store today to pick up the 1.10 metres that I was missing for Version B. I didn't panic when I noticed that the bolt of fabric wasn't on the table that I found it on yesterday. It was a brand new bolt, they couldn't have sold all of it since Saturday I thought.  Well, my heart started to skip a few beats when I didn't find it at any of the cutting tables either.

Don't worry, this tale has a happy ending. I found the last three metres of this fabric folded and tucked away for the remnant bin. That was a close call!

Today, I had the opportunity to check out what everyone has been gushing over, Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. It is a lovely book.

It is advertised on Amazon as a hardcover book, but it is not what I pictured as a hardcover book.  My copy of Vogue Sewing and Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing are hardcover books. The copy of Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing that I was looking at was a spiral bound book. So, I felt mislead with the hardcover description that I found online.

The photographs were fun and playful and the retro vibe of the book was intriguing.

If you are interested in vintage and retro fifties style, this might just be the sewing book for you. It is a book with lots of pictures to inspire you along the way. The book also comes with a pattern envelope found in the inside cover. Gertie's timing is perfect with the Mad Men fascination going on right now. I think she will have great success with her book.

That said, I didn't pick it up. It wasn't the $40 price tag, rather none of the lovely styles Gertie modelled were anything that I'm interested in sewing. I think this book will appeal to a younger group of sewists. If you know anyone interested in taking up sewing and who loves the vintage look, this book would make a great Christmas gift.

Gertie's book is one of many new books I found at my local bookstore.  Drape Drape 2 is also out in English. If I had the time I could have spent hours in the sewing section of the bookstore.

Anyway, that is all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!


  1. $40 would have made me hesitate too- I think I got it for $24, the husband is pushing me toward more retro and I think the shirtwaist dress could be first. I need to go back and scoop up those 2 patterns you have! That teal fabric looks wonderful!

    1. I can't wait to see your shirtwaist dress (The one in the back of the book? That was lovely!)

      The teal fabric. Yup, I fell for the colour of the fabric, even though sewing satin scares me the colour sucked me in. The patterns, I haven't tried either of them yet. Now I have enough for the dress or the shirt, so I'm now torn.


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