Sunday, 30 September 2012

September In Review

This month I made pieces that aren't really me-garments. The first one, the grey checkered dress, I made for Mama R but it didn't work for her. She wouldn't even let me take a photo. As you can see, it didn't work for me either. This is a great pattern, but the style is not for someone with generous hips/thighs no matter what Vogue Figure Flattery Rating Codes says. This fitting/style fail might have something with loosing my sewing mojo this month. 

Of the two garments I managed to pull off this month, one was a keeper and the other not. 

The Grey Checkered Dress

Fabric:   2.5 metres 100% Wool fabric $89.60, on sale 70% off, $26.88
Pattern:  Vogue 8805 (used for the first time), $12.60
Thread:  $4.87
Button:  Recycled, $0.00
Total Cost:  $44.35
Times Worn this Month:  I actually made it for Mama R but she felt that it was too tight. Of course you can see that it is also too tight on me too. It has has been partnered with someone who has a figure to pull this dress off.  
Time Investment:  5 hours (this includes the hand stitching).
Tools Needed:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, measuring tape, fabric shears, universal sewing machine needles, pins, seam ripper, tailor's ham, sewing needles, iron and tailor's chaulk.
Would I make it again? Yes, I would like to tweak the pattern and see if I can make it work for Mama R. For myself I love the yoke and sleeve, I just have to make the dress portion work for my shape. I need something with a little more ease around the hips and I'll have to get rid of the seam line near the hip.  

Blue Knit Skirt

Fabric:  1.2 double knit $21.51, on sale 50% off $10.75
Pattern:  Vogue 8837 (used for the first time), $18.48
Thread:  $4.87
Elastic:  $1.37
Total Cost:  $35.47
Times Worn this Month:  None (it has been too warm).  
Time Investment:  3 hours
Tools Needed:  Sewing Machine, Serger, fabric shears, jean-a-ma-jig, pins.  
Would I make it again?  Yes, I adore the hemline and length on this skirt but again the pattern needs to be tweaked.  Even though it has enough ease through the hips, it has too much ease at the waist. An easy fit fix.  


  1. I've really got to start doing this math thing- maybe it will save me from my shopping habits!

    1. I have to say it has been a real eye-opener and it has curbed the fabric shopping a wee bit. Just a wee bit.


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