Friday, 1 June 2012

I Survived Me-Made-May

I survived Me-Made-May month! Don't get me wrong, by "survived" I mean it was a lot of fun and I did learn a few things.

  1. I have way too many me-made items made out of cotton and other natural fibres. That means ironing. I hate ironing. Yes, I'm still searching for that mythical man to enter my life and say, "I would love to iron for you." I know, dream on. Sew, in the meantime I have an ever growing pile of me-made natural fibre garments waiting for me to give up my mythical man search and get busy ironing.  
  2. Vogue 1234 seems to be my go-to-weekend dress. I really need to make another one, it is so comfortable. And now that I know the secret to sewing knits thanks to that Me Sew Crazy blog post (thank you!) I have no excuses.  
  3. I need pants and more cooler weather clothes. There were some rainy chilly days in May. And me-made-month had me realizing that I do not have a pair of pants in my closet that I have made myself. Hmm, this might be the challenge that I need this summer. I recently added Vogue 1309 to my pattern stash for the top. The pants included in the pattern are described as "loose-fitting through hips" and they just might work since my hips are my fitting challenge.  
  4. My favourite part of Me-Made-May'12 was checking out what everyone else made. Everyone looked fabulous in their me-mades. And I discovered pattern companies that I didn't know existed.  
Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I'm with you on the 'no ironing', my hatred of ironing is the downfall of so many items I've made, though I do so much prefer natural fibres. Ironically, these days I have the ironing board out more than ever due to sewing, but it just never occurs to me to IRON!


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