Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shirt Dress Sew-along: Update.

The shirtdress is coming along slowly but surely. I have the back bodice of Simplicity 1880 sewn to the back skirt of McCall's 6554. I omitted the centre back seam in the skirt to match the bodice. Tomorrow, I will start piecing together the bodice front before sewing and attaching it to the skirt front. Once that is done things should move along at a faster pace.

Have you noticed that I'm not a good follower? Sunni has her skirt front and back sewn together and hanging on the dress form to let it hang for several days before hemming. I have never done that before. Well actually, I guess I did do that for the dress I made for my niece but it wasn't intentional.

I'm thinking about what I want to do about the interfacing. Lately, I'm turned off from using fusible interfacing. Long story that I won't get into now but hand-stitching some non-fusible will be in the plans.

Another pattern that falls in the category of shirtdress has crossed my sewing table, Style 2739, circa 1970. Mama R made this outfit for me many moons ago.

It was in Mama R's pattern stash. She dug it out the other evening. I can't believe she held onto it all these years. We had a great chuckle over it and some others that she dug up.

Anyway, that is the update on all things shirtdress.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm with you on the fusible- I'm using a silky with a slight stretch and that always goes 'phloowy' with fusible for me. I'm about to swear off of it!
    All I've done is the skirt and have it hanging- it's hard to follow along!!

  2. Me too! Now that I have time on my hands a interfacing post may be in the near future. One more family event and then it is back to sewing.


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