Monday, 11 June 2012

Worse. Fabric. Ever.

I bought this beautiful silver, blue and black African print fabric at Mitchell's recently. It is 100% cotton with the graphic design printed on top of the fabric surface.

I washed the fabric and pulled it out of the washing machine to find that the silver colour was coming off on my hands and scattered along the black background of the fabric, and the interior of the washing machine.  It was all over the place. And then I put it in the dryer.

Oh my goodness! It is not the same fabric.

Putting the fabric in the dryer was not the smartest move I've made. It didn't change the fabric from after the wash. It just managed to leave a residue caked all over the interior of the dryer.

What a mess!  The lint was not your typical lint. I came out in the lint trap as a fine powder.

There was some serious clean up to do. And let's just say there was some elbow grease needed to clean this mess up.

This fabric purchase was a big epic fail. Whose kidding who this is the worse. Fabric. Ever.

This fabric well, is getting filed under big mistake and then the trash bag.

Sew, needless to say the fabric search continues and the Vogue 1309 tunic pattern is currently put on the back-burner.  


  1. Oh I'd be gnashing my teeth and doing a hate dance down at Mitchells. Did the bolt have any care instructions? Thats horrrible! It was so pretty!

    1. I think I'm more sad than anything, I was totally into this fabric prior to the pre-wash. There was no care instructions on the roll but the young saleslady did tell me that it can be machine washed. Lesson: I should have tried a sample piece first. Oh well. Guess this explains that ridiculously low price.


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