Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding...

How can I let the the weekend pass without mentioning the Royal Wedding?

I know everyone was oow-ing and aaw-ing about the dress, but for me it was all about the hats!

I must say that the Queen looked smashing in her lemon-yellow dress, coat and matching hat!

It set the celebratory tone in the midst of the global economic crisis that has gripped the European Union over recent years.  Interesting that all the Royal weddings over the past century have taken place during economic downturns, crisis, and recessions.  And the tradition continues with Will and Kate's wedding.  But it was just the spectacle that the world needed to distract from the hardships that have highlighted much of the recent world events.

Fascinators have made a recent comeback which has an interesting historic connection to economic and political events.  Fascinators, historically, have been purely decorative and used feathers as their base material.  And at times of global recessions and world wars decorative feathers were toned down when used in hair and head-gear.  Feathers and delicate decoration continued to make appearances in Royal events throughout the early to mid-twentieth century.  During the mid to late 20th century the fascinator took a back seat to the cocktail hat, a close relation to the fascinator.

But on the heels of the most recent recession history repeats itself and the fascinator reappears.  Something small and fun just in time to cheer us up, or a cute little distraction?  Time will tell.

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