Sunday, 29 May 2011

The basting continues...

The Vintage Vogue dress (Vogue 1043) is coming along and is almost done.

This morning I sewed the skirt to the bodice at the waistline seam.  My trusted Jamone sewing machine has a much loved stretch stitch that I used.  Since the fabric is a stretch cotton I didn't want the stitching to take away from the give around the waistline.  

Now onto the zipper.  Exhale.  

I'm not a fan of sewing zippers.  Give me an underarm gusset any day over a zipper!    

I spend a great deal of time basting before I took it to the sewing machine.  On the opening from the bodice back I basted the serged edge with 1/2" allowance before basting it to the zipper edge and sewing it on the sewing machine.  And then I repeated with the bodice front except with a 5/8" allowance that overlaps the back bodice zipper edge by 1/8".  After a great deal of basting I was very pleased. Or maybe it was relieved?  

What do you think?  I'm happy with it so far.  It is very comfortable.  

I know, I still need to hem it and before that cut down some of the length.  

I'm just grabbing my pins and trying to bribe someone to help me with pinning up the hemline so that I can do the last finishing touches.  

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