Sunday, 30 June 2019

June in Review...

Ah, June. Full-blown allergy season, itchy eyes, running and stuffed up sinuses, it all has me counting down to the first frost. Allergy season really did play havoc with my sewing mojo.  


There were a few items on my wish-to-make list for June. I didn't get through it all. 

Despite the lack of sewing mojo this month, I pushed through to and ended up with three makes.  

Next Up

I really shouldn't make plans because we know how they have been turning out the past few months. Or should I?  

Have you heard of THE ASSEMBLY LiNE, an independent pattern company out of Sweden? They have a tulip dress pattern that has me intrigued.  

Along with the shirtdresses that I didn't get around to sewing, this one is also on my wish-list. Hoping for a break in allergy symptoms long enough to get through these projects. Or an earlier than expected snowfall.  

Happy Sewing!

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