Friday, 27 January 2017

That Was Fast!

Wow!  I'll admit, I'm impressed with how fast my most recent Vogue order took to arrive in my mailbox. Nine days from the time I ordered, that's never happened before. It typically takes a good month to get across the border. Of course, this speedy delivery occurred when I can't sit for very long. Oh Saint Anne, the Patron saint of seamstresses, seems to have a sense of humour, doesn't she?  

I'm still thrilled even though the projects I'm eager to sew may take me awhile complete. At least I can cut the projects out. And can I say that I'm also impressed with these labels. They're lovely and I think while I'm sitting on my coccyx cushion the first thing I'll do is sew one of these into my burgundy Marcy Tilton coat.   

Hopefully, I'll get to Vogue 9244 shortly.  

Happy Sewing!  

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