Friday, 20 January 2017

In Sewing News Today...

It has been a week since I last touched anything in the sewing room. It makes me sad because I want to sew I just can't sit with my injured tailbone and the injured knee doesn't help with this situation.  Instead, I've been longingly dreaming about sewing in-between long showers stretching out sore muscles.  

If I can sew right now I would make a t-shirt that reads, "stop telling me to stretch, it's my arse that hurts" because if one more non-medical person tells me to stretch I'm going roll my eyes at them and limp away.  ~sigh~  I know people mean well, but seriously, do they think they're telling me something I haven't already heard?  

Instead, I've managed to shop for future sewing projects. Thank goodness for laptops when laid-up. During the recent Vogue patterns sale I picked up just one pattern. I was tempted by many more but there is only one pattern that fits into my current life-style. 

I can't wait until I can get back to sewing as I already have fabric waiting in the wings.  

These two stable knits have been in my stash for years, and I think Vogue 9244 will be perfect for this project.  

I also picked up some Vogue designer labels. I really want to sew one into my Marcy Tilton coat.   

Talking about the coat, I picked up this caplet pattern.  

The plan is to make the caplet in a faux fur that I picked up last year. It is the perfect colour match with the coat I recently finished. It will be my first time sewing a fabric with a pile this high. The salesclerk recommends trimming down the pile along the seam allowances.  I'm going to have to do some practice sewing first.  

I also found this pattern over at, OOP Vogue 9814. I really like the draped front and it can be made in a knit or woven fabric. If I can't sew for the meantime, at least I can dream about sewing.  

Well, that is all in sewing news today. Until next time, happy sewing.  



  1. Check your local medical supply places (I've had good luck with Shopper's Home Health) and see if you can find a coccyx cushion. It has a v shaped cut out, so you can sit without putting any pressure on your tailbone. Assuming that is the source of your pain (not your...ummm...fleshy bits...), it should help.

    1. Thank you for this suggestion. I found one yesterday, thank you for the suggestion. I can't believe I was driving without one! And it is nice to be back at the sewing table.

  2. Wow!!!, I love that faux fur. What an amazing piece it is going to make.


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