Monday, 9 January 2017

Monday's Mending Pile

It is about time that I do something with the robe that has been sitting on the armchair for quite some time. Two areas need attention to make this functionable--the length of the sleeves need to be shortened and made into pockets.

There was more than enough length from these cuffs to turn into pockets. They're folded so envision double the length. After the robe was taken care of there was one more project that needed attention.   

One of Mama R's recently made slips ended up in my mending pile. Yup, that was quick.

She said when she put it on this week, it wasn't comfortable because something was scratching her at the back where the straps were. I figured it could have been a edge of the seam binding that was peaking out from the side of the top-stitching. The scratchiness could have been from the Fray Check that I used on the cut edges.  

I just re-stitched with the stem stitch tacking down any exposed edges. I think this should work.  Stay tuned.  

Well, that's it from the mending pile.  

Happy Sewing!  

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