Saturday, 19 November 2016

Wrap Jumper

I happened to pick up this pattern, out-of-print (OOP) McCall's 8943, a couple of years ago and the jumper has been on my wish-to-make list for quite awhile.

I made the shirt when it arrived and finally got around to making the jumper.  

I am quite thrilled with how it turned out that I almost don't want to admit that I made this as a wearable muslin. 

I actually had plans to make it in a printed velveteen but since cotton velveteen is such a rare find now-a-days in these parts, I thought I better make sure I'm happy with the fit.  

This Lida Baday design has princess seams and darts giving it a beautiful figure. But since I don't have the figure that Lida Baday designed for, I left off the double back darts and the single front darts.  I'm glad I did, even though I made it in a size 14, my hips needed the extra ease. I actually gave a wee bit more ease but extending an extra inch from the hem and then grading from there to the bust-line.  

I also lengthened the jumper by four inches and hemmed it by hand with an inch and a half hem.  

I chose view B with the side ties. I love how they tie from the princess seam and wrap around the back of the dress. It is very comfortable. For the ties I used a velvet trim that was sitting in my stash for goodness how many years decades. 

I also like that this is a lined jumper. I didn't use lining fabric rather a polyester printed fabric that also has been in my stash for decades. I like the whimsical shoes and handbag pattern that is hidden underneath the jumper. The fashion fabric is a cotton tweed and the jumper has a nice weight to it. Both fabrics were pre-treated in the washing machine and dryer and handled the pre-treatment very well.  

This pattern is well-drafted, all of the pieces fit together perfectly. The instructions are well-written and illustrated. And now I think I have an outfit that I can wear to work.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:   3.9 metres (fashion and lining fabrics)

Interfacing:  2.7 metres fusible

Trim:  3 metres

Pattern:  OOP McCall's 8943

Thread:  1 spool of serger thread

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, threads for the serger and sewing machines, tweezers, screwdriver, seam ripper, scissors, clippers, iron, ironing board, tailor's ham, pressing cloth, pins, cutting table, coffee, coffee breaks, chocolate truffles (no wonder I had to let the darts out!), and wrist brace.  

Happy Sewing!  



  1. I have this pattern too! I have always liked it but never made it; I actually bought it for the blouse. Very nice jumper--guess I better pull it out. But before, I need to look for your post on the blouse......

    1. I was thinking about wearing it with a turtleneck sweater but I actually like it with the blouse. I haven't worn the blouse a lot prior to making the jumper but I think I'm going to get more use from it now that I have both pieces.

  2. I have this pattern too! As soon as Lida Baday announced she was no longer going to be in business I went on Etsy and bought one of her patterns, this was it! Great make!

    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed making this one. The pattern pieces fit together perfectly.


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