Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday's Mending Pile

I've been cleaning out the closet and bringing out all the winter gear. Even though there is no snow on the ground, there is a nippy feeling in the air. Soon, I hope snow will be here and allergy season will come to an end but sadly there is still rain in the weather forecast this week. Rain and leaves are not a good mix for those with allergies. But I digress and this is supposed to be a sewing blog...

Where was I? Oh yeah, winter clothes. So, this dress, OOP Vogue 8939, I made last year with a scuba knit fabric and would you believe it now fits me like I'm wearing a scuba diving suit? I swear, it must have shrank because I don't believe I gained that much weight since making this dress. I felt like my arms were stuffed into sausage casings and I was being strangled by the turtle neck.  

The only thing to do was to get rid of those problematic areas.  

I can now breath with it changed into a pull-on skirt.  I just serged the cut edge, turned down 1 3/8" and top-stitched with my walking foot and the knit stitch. I used an inch wide elastic. Last winter's dress is now this winter's skirt.  

Happy Mending!  


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