Sunday, 1 November 2015

In Sewing News Today...

I've tried to quit coffee but much like this year's RTW fast I stumble every now and then. It is when doing some marathon sewing that I most miss having a cup of joe near by to keep me motivated.  Maybe that explains the decline of productive sewing?  

I need all the help that I can get since my sewing mojo is back and I have a whole stack of fabric that I would like to get my hands on once the costumes are done.  

Do you want to see?

This is a medium weight cotton knit that I picked up for 99¢ / metre. Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I recently found this piece at Northwest Fabrics. It will be another cardigan sweater for Mama R just like this one. I even found navy ribbon for the front band pieces. 

This fabric might look familiar. I made a Kathryn Brenne jacket with this fabric a little while ago but sadly, I'm not a tall, lean, Vogue model and it didn't fit like it did on the model on the pattern envelope. I'm going to try to remake this one in a smaller size. I'm just happy there was still more of this at the store.

I've had my eye on this 100% cotton fabric for years. I found it reduced to 70% off and I picked up enough for a dress.

This is a knit fabric that I found at Mitchell Fabrics and I scored the last two metres. I would have picked up another metre if there was more for a dress but even so, I think it would be lovely as a Marcy Tilton skirt.

I found this knit fabric at Northwest, it is quite soft and it would work for chemo caps.

This is a bubble textured polyester. I didn't pick up much of this fabric as I'm thinking of using this for the bodice and sleeves of a dress and mixing it with something else from my stash.

This fabric is not new, it has been in my stash for over a year but I'm quite excited to sew this light-weight tweed because I recently found this pattern in my size.

The plan is to make the main part of the dress with the tweed and the sleeve and upper bodice in a pink knit that I have in my stash.

And I picked up a few patterns.

There are baskets of patterns, many of them current stock, that are found at Fabricland. And they are priced from $2.00 to $5.00, seriously. Not. Kidding. They are stamped from a Saskatchewan location and ended up here. And they are in perfect condition. I don't know why they are on sale this cheap, but it is one of those "START THE CAR!" shopping moments.

Anyway, those are my plans once I pump myself up with some coffee and get to work on the rest of the costumes. The first one was delivered this past week and it was tried on by one of our angels. I'm thrilled to report that it fits and those sleeves make the costume! Two more are cut and ready to go. That said, I should get back to work.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Graca, you have a fantastic lineup of fabric and patterns awaiting you! Make a pot of coffee and enjoy :-)

  2. One of the Fabriclands in Regina is closing/closed and moved into another location. They were trying to get rid of as much stock as possible before the move. Glad that you can make use of those patterns.

    God bless.

    1. They did come from Regina, they're stamped with Dewdney Avenue address. I was thrilled to find this unexpected deal on patterns and I scored some designer patterns as well. Were you able to find any deals from the move?


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