Wednesday, 25 November 2015

In Sewing News Today...

Do you remember these wee little dresses?

I made them last year for a teacher's daughters. They were not a perfect fit last year and were big on the little girls. Well, I was overjoyed to learn that the dresses fit the girls this year (so thankful they didn't out-grown them during the year!) and get this... they want to wear them! It just made me so happy to hear that.  

And then yesterday on the news there was this heartwarming story. Two little sisters who are collecting Christmas dresses for other young girls who might not have a special dress. How special are they to be thinking about others at this time of year.

I'm currently reading Dress Code:  The Naked Truth About Fashion and the two little sisters in the above mentioned news story captured a reference to the movie The Matrix found in the first section of the book.
Human beings are social creatures who also visually communicate with their surroundings.  Clothes place us socially in society (Arntzen 35).   
Clothes can transform a person and make us or a situation feel special. Those little sisters were reminding us of this simple truth.

If the tendonitis in my hand wasn't acting up, I would so be sewing little girl Christmas dresses to help those kids reach there thirty-nine hundred dress goal. But that won't be happening. I hope they reach their goal though.

And those little blue silk dresses...

The teacher who requested them sent the most adorable pictures of her daughter and doll wearing their new dresses. I'm so relieved that the dresses fit. The holidays are all about making others feel special, isn't it?

One more Christmas dress to make and then I can get to work on the projects I have piling up on the sidelines. And a new top for Mama R, she's a patient woman. But I digress... It is hard to believe that December is around the corner and I haven't got around to sewing a fraction of the things I planned to sew at the beginning of the year. Maybe next month year?

Happy Sewing!


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