Saturday, 11 July 2015


Vogue patterns released their fall line last night and I can say that my wallet is safe. Phew! There is only one pattern that I wouldn't mind making.  

Vogue 9135

It is a lovely unlined jacket with side pockets by Kathryn Brenne. The description says that it has a hook and eye closing but I think I'll change it up with fabric covered snaps. I just have to wait for the online sale and then another four weeks for it to get here by snail mail. I should have my sewing table cleared of all the on-going projects by then.  

I can't believe I'm not tempted by any of the Marcy Tilton patterns.  

Vogue 9130

Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9130 reminds me of many top patterns already sitting in my stash. I love the fabric the sample is made in though.  

Vogue 9140
And even though Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9140 looks very comfortable the pants actually remind me of something I would wear to the gym before I would wear out in the public sphere. I think this is the first time I'm not smitten over any Tilton patterns. And my wallet lets out a sigh of relief.  

Vogue 1464
Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1446 pants pattern seems a wee-bit out-of-place for the fall release, doesn't it? The design reminds me of sailor style pants and styled with the striped tee-shirt I would associate this with a spring line. I did notice that the pant legs are on the narrow side and the waistlines are falling back below the waist. Not a style that works for me. Again, phew!  

There are lots of loose-fitting jackets and no capes. I guess capes have become passé for Fall 2015. Have you checked out the Vogue Fall collection? Any favourites?  

Happy Sewing!  



  1. I did bite for 9140. I can't resist Marcy Tilton. The coat looks like a fun make and the pants....I will make them for lounging.

    1. I'm usually all over the Tilton patterns. The top reminds me of other Tilton top patterns I have so I'm going to pass but those pants as lounge pants sound comfortable. I'm trying to be good though.

  2. I had the opposite reaction to thiscollection-there was a lot to love. Marcy's tee will make it into my closet and many other patterns too. :-)

    1. There are some lovely Donna Karan patterns too and that lovely Anne Klein princess seamed double-breasted jacket as well. They're beautiful, I just know I don't have the figure or height to pull off the look. I'm just happy I'm only tempted by one pattern, there's so much on my to do sewing list right now! ;)

  3. Covered snaps would be perfect on my new pattern. Enjoy!


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