Monday, 27 July 2015

Part II: The Hits and Misses

Part II:  The Hits!  

Butterick 5561 is a pattern that I made with both long and short sleeves. The version with the short sleeves made the miss list but this long sleeve version has to be a favourite make. The top belongs to Mama R but I have been telling myself that I should make a long sleeves version for myself. It would be a good workwear top. Lesson learned from this project:  Don't write off a pattern on the first make.  

This Sandra Betzina dress, Vogue 1234 had to be chopped down to fit my five-foot frame but it still made it to my hit list.  

It is crazy comfortable and even though it is a dress that can balloon up with a good gust of wind, it is perfect with leggings (just in case). Lesson learned from this project:  The seams are not finished on this dress and they have held up very well over the years. Not all fabrics need to have their seams finished on a serger. And I do love sewing patterns that are like putting puzzle pies together, this one was no exception--just remember to transfer all the markings unless you want too much fun!

This out-of-print McCall's pattern, M2465 is as old as this coat.  I've never grown old of it and over the years have change and adjusted the closure on this coat.  

It is too dressy for daywear but it is my go-to item for a night out to the theatre or opera. I used to like wearing it with a pair of black jeans or with a black dress. Either way, I felt like a million bucks in this coat. Lesson learned on this project: It is good to have something in your closet that makes you feel special even if you don't wear it often.

This shirt is no longer in my closet only because I wore it so often the fabric eventually called it quits! But the pattern is still part of my collection and it is still a hit in my books. I wouldn't mind making another on some day. Lesson learned on this project: This is the first project that I made my own bias tape (it was fun but next time I'm going to purchase the bias tape!). 

This is another shirt that makes the hit list. It is a Lynn Mizono design and I enjoyed all the attention to detail like the french seams though-out including the armhole seams. Lesson learned on this project: Sometimes the favourite part of a project are the parts that are inside rather than outside. And you never quite know which pattern envelope your next favourite designer is hiding in.  

If I do recall correctly this coat was quite the challenge to make but it was worth all the work in the end. It was my fabric that posed the greatest challenge. I found it in the home decor department and it unravelled like nobody's business! All of the inside seams were finished with bias tape.  Lesson learned during this project: Sometimes I get a crazy idea in my head and thankfully, there is no turning back!

This is the second version of this Marcy Tilton skirt and both of them are a hit! Lessons learned during this project:  I love the comfort of an elastic waistband. Sewing knits are not scary when you have the proper tools. The lightning bolt stitch, if you have one on your machine, is a wonderful stitch to use. And oh my, invest in a walking foot!

This little jacket is a favourite even though I would do a few things differently next time round. I would underline the fabric to give it more structure but still it makes it on the hit list. This one will go down as a wearable muslin. Lessons learned during this project:  You can find some beautiful cotton fabrics in the home decor department and make a garment that doesn't look like Grandma's couch. Oh yeah, and sewing vintage patterns offers some valuable techniques missing from contemporary patterns like underlining your fabric.

Lynn Mizono became a favourite Vogue designer with this dress pattern. It is crazy comfortable and I have made two version one in a knit and this one in a linen and rayon blend. I don't even mind that it doesn't have pockets.  Lessons learned during this project: I don't like ironing. Oh wait--I already knew that before I made this.

This top is one of my absolute favourites.  Sometimes I wear it as a top and other times it is worn as a jacket. Whenever I'm wearing it I feel great. And it has pockets!

What I think I love the most about this top is the fabric.  Lessons learned during this project:  I love sewing and wearing garments made in natural fabrics (even if I have to spend time ironing).

This blouse is a hit because I had sew much fun sewing this up.   Lessons learned during this project: Sometimes I get confused with what should have been the easiest task--the front closure.

This skirt surprised me with how much I like it.  I thought I wouldn't pull off the straight skirt look but I don't care how it looks--I love it and it is quite comfortable. Lessons learned during this project: Tucks and pleats give this skirt a comfortable fit and the double kick-pleat in the back it the cat's meow!

McCall's 9264 made it to the miss list but the dress from this pattern is a hit.  I love the shape created by unusual darts in the bodice front. Lessons learned during this project:  Sewing an invisible zipper is tricky when your inserting into a lined bodice. Let's just say you might want to keep the seam ripper near by.

There are more hits (Vogue 1325 pants!) and misses (Style 4666!) in my sewing repertoire but one thing is certain. I enjoy sewing the most when I'm challenged and I wouldn't trade any of my misses for all hits because it has been a fun journey. And there is nothing like discovering a TNT pattern.

How about you? What are your hits and misses?

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is a great post too! That Lynn Mizono jacket is so much more awesome than the one on the envelope! I really live Mama R's top too. I love how you explain your learnings and the cool details as well. Are there more to come? (Asking hopefully... I could get addicted to seeing your wardrobe!)

    1. Oh my! Thank you. I wasn't considering a part III--maybe... Right now I have to get another Vogue 1455 dress made for a friend and then I want to tackle those sleeves that had me beat a couple of months ago on the Sybil Connolly vintage Vogue coat pattern. The Crafty Chemist inspired me to take another look at the coat with her post today. And then maybe a part III...

  2. Your hits are definitely hits- nice pieces one and all!


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