Thursday, 23 July 2015

More Fall Patterns...

Have you checked out Butterick's release of their Fall 2015 patterns?  Oh, I might be in trouble with this one.

Butterick 6253

Butterick 6253 is a kAtheRine Tilton design and I love everything about it. You can make it out of knit or sweatshirt fleece (comfy!) and it has pockets (love pockets!) and it has a hood. I need this pattern!  

Butterick 6254
Butterick 6254 is another kAtheRine Tilton design that caught my eye. Of course, I would have to lengthen this coat dress to cover my knees but look at it--another knit comfortable design. 

Butterick 6259
From their Retro pattern line appears Butterick 6259. I'm not sure that it will make it to my pattern collection but I do love that collar on the double breasted jacket. It is cute.  

Butterick 6243
This dress wouldn't work for me, nor would the back-buttoned jacket. I'm sure I would pull a back muscle just getting into it, but I do think that jacket is too cute.  

Butterick 6261
Now Connie Crawford's Butterick 6261 is more suited for me with the front button closure. The only thing this pattern needs are some pockets.  

Yes, I do believe that I'm going to add those two kAtheRine Tilton patterns to my collection. How about you, are you tempted by any of the Butterick Fall patterns? Or are you too busy with summer-time sewing?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. You have good taste, I liked a few of the same patterns this morning! If you sew any up, please post so I can see your versions!
    See me at

  2. I'll totally be buying 6240 because I will buy almost any pattern with cup sizing (yay no FBA) and anything with nice asymmetric details and that one has both. I like the dress with 6243 so will probably get that one as well. The rest aren't really my style but there are some nice options there.

  3. I love any jacket with a hood, so I've got my eye on that 6253. Also, I have that same fabric in charcoal grey. I only used a little of it for a cushion when I was slipcovering my chaise lounge, so I might have enough of it left to make that jacket. However, my friend also made a jacket out of that fabric and found that it pilled quite easily. It was available at Fabricville last fall, but was also on the Tilton site. I just discovered your blog and am reading past postings. You are talented!


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