Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cotton Knit Dress

Stash busting 2014:  Easy Breezy Dress

Fabric:    2 metres

Pattern:  McCall's 6747

This pattern made it to my stash thanks to the lovely Carolyn who sent it my way. Carolyn won the sailor's dress give-away earlier this summer. And she sent me a surprise email asking if I would like to try McCall's 6747. Would I?

Yes! I love that it looked like a easy comfortable fit.

Thank you Carolyn, I love this pattern.

I decided to go with this fabric, the green and white knit eyelet.  

I picked this fabric up at Fabricland not too long ago, probably late last year when I found it in the discounted area. It is a lightweight cotton knit and perfect for summer-time wear. The eyelet embroidery on the fabric was flawed in some parts and I did have to be careful and work around that when cutting out my pattern pieces. Luckily, I had extra fabric to play around with the placement. And there's some left-over fabric that I might be able to knock off a pair or two of knickers with white lace trim.  

I was working with a size medium, it is a perfect fit in area above the waistline. From the waistline and below I had to do some adjustments. I have hips. I added 1" to the seam edge giving me another four inches of ease all around. Working with the pattern for the first time I worried if I would have enough ease. There are conflicting reports around as to whether the pattern is for a close-fitting garment or a loose-fitting garment. I'm going to say this is a close-fitting pattern and I'm glad I added a bit more ease in the hip area otherwise I would be turning it into a tee-shirt.  

I chickened out of the placket after reading some of the reviews. Even though I do like the look of the placket I also like how it turned out without the placket. I cut the neckline piece the same size and just put the centre front as the centre back. It worked out fine. I kept the length of the dress long and cut the three-quarter length sleeves. It is not quite a maxi dress, it sits just above my ankles. I hemmed the dress and sleeves using a twin needle.

I think this is a perfect dress for running around to do errands this summer. And I can see how some people say that this would make sweet pj's because it is that comfortable.  

Happy Sewing!  And thank you Carolyn!  


  1. Love your fabric! It looks like a comfy running around dress.

  2. So happy the pattern worked for you! Love what you created.

    1. Oh my gosh, I love how comfy this feels. I'm wearing it right now with a large red pendant necklace. Thank you so much for this lovely gift. I'm already planning a navy coloured one but with the placket. Stay tuned.

  3. Nothing better in the summer than a cool and comfortable dress. The fabric is perfect!

    1. Thank you, after sewing so many black items this month, this fabric was a breath of fresh air.


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