Thursday, 3 July 2014

Black Maxi Skirt

Stash busting 2014:  Summer Maxi-Skirt

Fabric:      2.2 meters

Pattern:    McCall's 6654

Elastic:      0.90 metre of 7.5 cm wide elastic

McCall's 6654, View I
Last summer I ruined my black maxi skirt when I was in the backyard and the bottom hem area was attacked by weeds. It wasn't pretty. I tried to rescue the skirt by trying to remove the burrs and failed. I missed the skirt that became a staple in my wardrobe. 

I thought I would give McCall's 6654 a try after reading several positive review on Pattern Review. I'm going to add my praise for this pattern.  

First, it is super easy to sew. There are only three pattern pieces, front, back and waistband. I would go ahead and say that is a perfect pattern for a beginner who wants to work with knits.  

I did change the waistband pattern so that I could use some wide elastic that was in my stash. I like a wide waistband. And I did shorten the length by six inches making it a petite sized maxi skirt.  

There are some comments on Pattern Review that the pattern runs large. I didn't find that was the case but then again I have curves. I think that sizing is spot on for the size I worked with. I wouldn't mind an in-between look from the straight and flared skirts--easy fix.   

The fabric has been in my stash for maybe about a year or more. It is a fair trade cotton knit that I picked up at Mitchell Fabrics. It has a two way stretch and this has to be the best quality knit that I have in my stash. The fabric was quite wide and I do have large scraps left-over, enough to cut out a few pairs of knickers. 

Happy Sewing!   


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