Friday, 13 June 2014

Sewing Machine Day!

Did you know that the folks in the United States and United Kingdom are celebrating Sewing Machine Day?

Yup, June 13th is Sewing Machine Day.

My mother had a Singer treadle sewing machine. I wasn't allowed to touch it but like the bad kid that I was, I didn't do like I was told. I used to sneak downstairs and try to sneak some sewing time with the forbidden machine when my mom was at work and my dad was asleep. 

In school, back-in-the-day when they offered home economics classes, I started sewing on a electronic Singer sewing machine. Years later, a Singer sewing machine was my first sewing machine purchase. It didn't last very long and when I was looking for a new machine a friend recommended a Janome sewing machine. I've been a loyal Janome sewing machine user ever since my first Janome.  

How about you?  What sewing machine(s) do you sew with?  

Happy Sewing Machine Day!    

1 comment:

  1. Primarily I use Singer, however I have just acquired a babylock and am trying to learn it.


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