Saturday, 28 June 2014

In Sewing News Today...

The tablecloths and additional pieces that were added onto my plate to serge and hem are done. Everything is done!

And delivered too. I dropped them off yesterday and it felt great to get them out of here so that I can focus on the projects I planned on doing over the summer. After I finished the rest of my errands, I took a "nap" that lasted nine hours. I can't believe I napped for nine hours. When I woke up from my "nap," I made myself a cup of tea, changed into my pj's and now I can't sleep.

What a crazy busy last week of school. I received a gift certificate to a fabric store from a group of students on the last day of school. Seriously, BEST. GIFT. EVER. If I were to allow myself to be completely selfish I would get one of these,

And this handy tool...

Yup, I would like to spend it on a tailor's board and a clapper. But, I'm going to spend it on something else. Nope, not fabric. I'm going to save it to pick up trim, etc. for September when a co-worker and I are going to run a sewing club with some of the students. I almost squealed with excitement when I typed that! There are students interested in joining a sewing club next year. Can you believe it?

Anyway, I'm going to try to see if I can get some more shut-eye before the sun rises and dream about what my next sewing project might be.

Until then, happy sewing!


  1. Sewing classes are so much fun. My daughter and I have had a couple of 'Sewing Sundays' over the winter. The students included a 9 year old, a 12 year old and a 30ish! For the last class, the 5 of us started out at the F-store buying fabric for pajama bottoms, then back home for cutting, sewing and snacks! By the end of the day, we were all wearing new pj bottoms and proud of it! It was a fun time with enthusiastic students who are asking when we are having another 'Sewing Sunday'!
    Enjoy your classes! Pattyrae

    1. Oh my gosh what a great story. It put a big smile on my face. We're going to do christmas stockings with the kids (grades 4, 5) teaching them the cross stitch and blanket stitch.

  2. A sewing club!!! How wonderful.

  3. How awesome! A sewing club!

    I did one of those long naps the other day. It was awesome until I needed to sleep. It has been almost a week and my sleeping pattern is still messed up.

    I use a nice piece of scrap wood from my husband and son's woodworking pile. I believe it is just a piece of smooth, clean pine. It works great. Plus, it was a lot cheaper.


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