Sunday, 15 June 2014

In Sewing News Today...

No one entered for the most recent pattern give-away. Sew, I won't be drawing for the McCall's 6767 today.  

In the news this week, it was reported that Canadian designer Lida Baday will be closing up her design business. Lida Baday designed patterns for McCall's back in the 1990s. I thought I would share a couple of her patterns that are part of my collection.

One of my past favourite makes was a black silk Lida Baday dress, McCall's 8823. It was a slim fitting mock back wrap dress.

When a copy of this pattern appeared on etsy, in my current size, I picked it up.  There are plans to one day reintroduce this dress back into my wardrobe.

I have also picked up some more Lida Baday patterns along the way.

There is McCall's 8943 that I used to make a white french cuffed shirt. And one more pattern...

It is McCall's 8246 a lined side buttoned dress that I have yet to make.

It is sad to read that Lida Baday is closing up shop but thankfully some of her designs will still be available through her now-vintage pattern line with McCall's.

In other sewing news, I'm trying to make Mama R a new house coat. This will be my second attempt after that epic failure. I went fabric shopping and picked out a fabric that I think will work nicely for a housecoat.

The pattern is a vintage find and I was starting to wonder if the project was even going to happen as I unfolded pattern pieces that weren't even Style pattern pieces. Two of the pieces were Butterick pattern pieces! The nightgown front and back pieces were missing and the housecoat yoke pieces were taped with a reshaped neckline and had the back darts removed. Thankfully, I was able to untape the changes without ruining the shape of the pattern pieces and all the pattern pieces were found.

Talking about vintage patterns, I entered Pattern Review's Vintage Contest. I didn't win. No surprise. What was a surprise is that Beanchor entry didn't win. She entered a stunning Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) dress. Her entry was timely with a Diane Von Furstenberg exhibit celebrating the 40th anniversary popularity of the wrap dress. She used a vintage DVF Vogue pattern, vintage fabric and vintage tools. How did she not win? I'm in absolute disbelief.  

I'm also in disbelief that while I was at the fabric store picking up fabric for the housecoat I didn't pick up this embroidered fabric that I was swooning over.

It is 100% silk with little parrots embroidered on it. I thought it would be too much fun made into a midi-length skirt.  

That was until I saw the price which I believe was $36.00 per metre. It is still at the store. I really don't need a silk parrot skirt.

Well, that is all in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Those Lida Baday patterns are all lovely. It is a name I am not familiar with, but will now be on the lookout for!

    1. There are quite a few Lida Baday patterns to be found on etsy that are reasonably priced ($3.50 to $10.00).

  2. I really like that pattern with the shirt!

    Wait, 90s is vintage??! :)

    1. The french cuffed one? My current favourite shirt pattern. Yup, apparently the 90s are vintage.

  3. Love, love, love the parrot fabric, but at $36.00 a meter, I think I might have left it behind as well.

    Can't believe no one entered for your pattern give away. The pattern is just lovely.

    God bless.

  4. I am so in agreement with you on the parrots...beautiful fabric and at that price, it would stay in the store. Now, those "vintage" patterns would come home with me in a heartbeat as I love that spare style.


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